Prolonging The Life of Your Quilt Bed Sets

Prolonging The Life of Your Quilt Bed Sets

The responsibility of caring for your quilt bed set is not one to be handled lightly, especially if you have paid a significant amount for it. If you don’t take adequate care of your quilt bed sets, they will easily be damaged or frayed.

Your quilt bed set may have been a gift from someone special or you managed to find a set that is really comfortable, you would want to prolong its life. This could be achieved if you treat it with care and follow the right cleaning procedures to keep it looking like brand new for years to come.

Use the Right Laundry Detergent

Many quilts bed set owners commit a crucial mistake when caring for their quilt set by using the wrong laundry detergent. You should not use the same detergent you use on your regular clothes on your Project Repat memory quilt since it could be too harsh and will cause the colors to fade faster.

Use a gentle detergent made specifically for quilt bed sets while washing them. Read the washing instructions that is indicated in the label or ask the salesperson where you bought the quilt. Make sure to follow the mentioned instructions to ensure the extended life of your doona quilt bed set.

If Necessary, Wash by Hand

It might be a turn off for you to purchase a quilt that you need to wash by hand. This is an unavoidable sacrifice if your quilt bed set is made out of fragile materials. Washing them in a washing machine could destroy it. Hand washing eliminates much of the risk of destroying the stitching. However, washing it could take a long time and is physically difficult.

Quilts, which are constructed up of three layers, can be exceedingly heavy and difficult to move when wet. Fortunately, there are quilt bed sets that are made out of sturdier materials which may still be safe to wash in the washing machine. You just simply need to take extra precautions with your quilt bed set. You might need to wash it using the gentle cycle, never with hot water and with the right laundry detergent as mentioned above.

Drying Your Quilt Bed Set

After washing your quilt bed set, you need to dry it which could be a little difficult. You should never put a wet quilt in the dryer or hang it from the ends since it is so heavy. The stitching may expand and break as a result of this. You’ll need to find an area where it can lay flat until the majority of the water has evaporated. After that, you can put it in the dryer. However, you must use the air-dry option without using any heat.

We all want a good night’s sleep, but getting one is difficult when our quilt bed set is dirty. It should be cleaned on a regular basis and the key to good cleaning is to start before the bed set becomes too filthy and to understand the fabrics involved so that the proper cleaning processes can be done.

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