5 Kinds of Blanket Materials You Should Be Aware Of

5 Kinds of Blanket Materials You Should Be Aware Of

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  • April 26, 2022
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When it comes to blankets, there are several types of them available for purchase. Apart from that, these blanket types are made out of various materials.

It can be quite daunting to pick the best material because what you may choose may not be suitable for all kinds of weather. Moreover, the material of the blanket you select may not be suitable for your skin type too.

Therefore, we got you covered with a list of blanket materials you should know to be able to choose the right one for yourself as well as for your loved ones.

1. Cotton

Cotton blankets are meant to be soft as 100% cotton is used to manufacture them. In addition, these blankets are hypoallergenic making them a safe option if you are suffering from any allergy or sensitive skin, or you have to use a blanket for your baby.

You can make use of cotton blankets during summer especially at night because they are breathable, and can keep you cold when if it is hot at night.

2. Fleece

Another blanket material that is known for its softness is a fleece. Blankets with fleece as the material are easy to use and clean.

Additionally, when compared to a cotton blanket, a fleece blanket is more suitable for use during winter and provides you the warmth you need when you go to sleep during a cold night.

3. Wool

This is the other type of blanket material that is suitable for cold weather conditions. It can provide you with sufficient warmth and insulation during such weather.

On the other hand, Australian wool blankets are also useful during warm weather. This is due to their breathability and ability to absorb sweat to help you stay comfortable.

4. Acrylic

This is often used as a substitute for woollen blankets. Acrylic blankets are lightweight as well so they can be used and washed without much trouble using the washing machine.

Furthermore, the colours of the acrylic blankets will not fade sooner even if you wash them quite frequently which is another advantage of it. Also, acrylic blankets can be resistant to moths when you store them for later use.

5. Polyester

Polyester blankets are affordable and can last for a long time too because their colour and shape are retained even after washing and drying for a considerably longer time.

To be able to get a better version of polyester blankets, you can find a blanket made of cotton and other materials along with polyester. This way, polyester blankets remain sturdy, soft, and breathable by maintaining their natural fibres.

6. Vellux

This kind of blanket consists of thin foam with plush nylon within it. Even vellux blankets can keep you warm during cold days, and protect you from any allergy as it is hypoallergenic. In addition, they are very easy to handle.

Since they are commonly used in hotels, they are also known by the term hotel blankets.

So, when you go shopping for a blanket next time, keep this information in mind and choose the one that best fits you and your lifestyle.

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