Medusa Deluxe Movies Reviews

Medusa Deluxe Movies Reviews

The flamboyant coiffures that adorn this first feature from British newcomer Thomas Hardiman set the tone for this luridly comic meta-whodunnit. It’s a wilfully experimental creation staged as a one-shot ensemble  drama,  and  its  brash confidence should garner plenty of attention.

A murder mystery set at a cutthroat hairdressing competition, Medusa Deluxe makes most of the story unfold in just one take. Steadicam shots are deftly glued together by Fouad Gaber to suggest agitated, unbroken motion, more akin to the showy, elastic artifice of Birdman than the gritty immersiveness of last year’s Boiling Point.

Clare Perkins

Clare Perkins is an English actress who has starred in a few movies. She started her career as a theater artist and later moved into the film industry.

She plays the character of Cleve in Medusa Deluxe Movies Reviews Cast & Release Date. She is the leading lady in this flamboyant drama that focuses on a murder mystery set within a hairdressing competition.

Cleve’s character is a highly competitive, ambitious and artistic person. This adds a layer of tension and suspicion to the movie that makes it an enjoyable watch.

Kayla Meikle

Kayla Meikle plays Divine in the film Medusa Deluxe. The movie is a murder mystery that takes place at an annual hair salon competition.

When one of the stylists is found dead, everyone is a suspect. There is a lot of gossip and the contestants try to solve the case as they wait for police to investigate.

It is a fun and extravagant whodunnit movie that showcases the beauty of hair styling while also leaving audiences guessing. The cinematography is impressive and the acting variable is good.

Lilit Lesser

The beautiful Lilit Lesser is one of the actors who plays a character in Medusa Deluxe. Her role in the film is a great addition to this movie.

The actress is a very good artist and her artworks are dedicated to nature. She uses oil paints with thick textures and expressive brushstrokes.

Her paintings are based on the light in the nature. She also uses her feelings and reality as an inspiration for her work.

Anita-Joy Uwajeh

Anita-Joy Uwajeh is a 33-year-old English actress known for her role as Josie in Lucky Man (2016), Eniola in Atlanta (2020), and Tatiana Vogel in Vampire Academy (2022). She has also studied archeology and ancient history.

British writer-director Thomas Hardiman makes a splashy, hooky debut with Medusa Deluxe, an arch, gossip-fueled murder mystery. Its wilfully esoteric approach should draw plenty of attention in the art-house/artists’-film universe.

Kae Alexander

British writer-director Thomas Hardiman makes his feature directorial debut with Medusa Deluxe, a lavish murder mystery set in the world of competitive hairdressing. The death of one of the competitors sows division in a community whose passion for hair verges on obsession.

The film is a luridly-dressed, economically mounted experimental creation staged as a one-shot ensemble drama. It has been picked up for global distribution by MUBI, with rights to major territories including UK-Ireland, Germany, Latin America and Italy.

Harriet Webb

A competitive hairdressing competition is suddenly catapulted into a whirlwind of restless bickering grotesques in Thomas Hardiman’s ostensibly one-shot drama. The death of a stylist (Cleve Perkins) sows seeds of division in a community whose passion for hair verges on obsession.

A roving visual slalom that’s more akin to Birdman than Boiling Point, Medusa Deluxe is a whodunnit shot in Steadicam by Robbie Ryan and slyly edited by Fouad Gaber

to suggest agitated, unbroken motion. Electric performances from a super-alert cast bring a feel of live event to the action, as the cast wanders through hallways and stairwells.

Darrell D’Silva

British writer-director Thomas Hardiman’s feature debut, Medusa  Deluxe,  is  an unusual and boldly styled murder mystery. Shot to look like one take, it’s a vertiginous ensemble drama in the style of Birdman or Boiling Point that doesn’t play to traditional detective story rules.

In fact, everyone in the competition is a suspect in this murderous deed – including Mosca’s husband (Luke Pasqualino), a brazenly camp ex-lover and shady security guard Gac (Heider Ali). As the crowd of stylists and models get closer to Mosca’s death, their fears and concerns grow more complex.

Luke Pasqualino

British actor Luke Pasqualino has played brooding romantics on television and film, including Freddie McClair in Skins and D’Artagnan in The Musketeers. He is currently starring in Apple TV’s Shantaram and will soon appear in several upcoming films.

A flamboyant meta-whodunnit set at a hair competition, writer/director Thomas Hardiman’s debut is a technical achievement with an arresting visual aesthetic.

Taking advantage of a one-take ensemble, Hardiman’s camera moves through the winding corridors and stairways of the competition venue, evoking a live event with its steady cam movements.

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