What Pomegranates Can Do for Your Beauty Needs?

What Pomegranates Can Do for Your Beauty Needs?

Fruits are good for our health and appearance. All fruits keep us healthy and deeply enrich our skin. They are natural accelerators, especially fruits like apples, pomegranates, oranges, bananas, etc. that have great effects. Pomegranate is a fruit that is extensively utilized in Ayurveda as a remedy for numerous diseases. It is filled with the goodness of antioxidants, minerals, fibers, vitamins A, C, and E, along with folic acid. It includes therapeutic characteristics and is filled with antioxidants three times more than green tea, therefore making it a super fruit. Did you know that pomegranates also aid weight loss, relieve digestive problems, and are excellent for joint pain?

Including pomegranates in your everyday diet can have tremendous effects on your health and skin. Moreover, the fruit slows aging and keeps your skin looking lovely. It addresses dull and dry skin by keeping it hydrated and nourished. It treats acne breakouts too and prevents sunburns. The punicic acid in pomegranates promotes hair development and strengthens the hair follicles.

How To Make The Most Of Pomegranates For Your Personal Beauty Requirements?

You may take advantage of all of the pomegranate’s many benefits by putting some straightforward recommendations into practice in your own house.

A facial mask that brightens the skin

Pomegranate seeds, also known as arils, have the ability to make your skin appear more radiant. It improves the appearance of scars and blemishes while simultaneously nourishing the skin from the inside out. Your skin will be brightened and helped to retain its smoothness by using this pack. It works incredibly well for people who have tanned skin. Before going to bed twice per week is the optimal time to perform this activity.

Seeds for the purpose of exfoliation

A good exfoliation can do wonders for the face, and if you are unable to find something that you absolutely like, you can simply grind some pomegranate seeds, add some rose water to them, and then apply them to the face in circular motions. If you are unable to find something that you absolutely like, you can simply do this. Be careful when you’re applying it, and after you’re done, wash your face with some regular water to remove any residue.

Applying pomegranate juice to one’s skin as a toner

Toners made from natural ingredients are optimal for the health of your skin. Pomegranate juice can be used as a toner after you have finished washing your face with a gentle cleanser, which is a step that should be repeated every day. Don’t forget to massage it nicely into your face, as this will help improve the circulation of blood. However, you should avoid applying an excessive amount of juice to your face because doing so can cause it to feel sticky. After you are finished, you should wash.

Make a face pack out of the juice by using it

If you happen to have some bentonite clay lying around your house, you can easily combine that substance with some pomegranate juice without having to worry about anything else. It can serve as your very own facial during the weekend. To make the mask, all you need to do is combine one tablespoon of clay with one tablespoon of pomegranate juice that has been unadulterated. You should put it on your face and let it on for at least half an hour. Rinse it off to obtain a glow that is more natural, which will give the impression that you have just emerged from a spa or salon.

Hydrating hair mask

Pomegranates contain punicic acid, which helps to strengthen the hair follicles and increase circulation. Pomegranate juice is also good for your skin. It leaves the scalp clean and the hair in a state of intense condition. It works incredibly well for taming unruly and parched hair. Additionally, it encourages the growth of new hair.

How to use: Combine one cup each of pomegranate seeds and yogurt with one teaspoon of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. They should be ground into a smooth paste and then applied to the scalp and roots of your hair. After allowing it to sit for a quarter of an hour, properly wash it. Your hair will be left looking shiny and healthy as a result of the hydration it provides.

Pomegranate peel mask and scrub

It is important not to disregard the pomegranate peel since it is the most effective treatment for the prevention of acne and outbreaks. It does this by inhibiting the breakdown of collagen, which in turn stimulates the proliferation of cells. It is effective in the treatment of acne scars as well as obstinate pimples. It is a natural exfoliator that shields your skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation by having sun-blocking ingredients.

In order to prepare the peel for usage, you should first allow it to sun dry. After it has dried, the next step is to grind it into a powder for usage. A combination of honey and lemon juice can be used to produce a mask. You can also use it as a scrub on other regions of your body, including your face. There are many healthcare apps working online to provide information related skin issues.

Anti-aging mask

The pomegranate peel has many health benefits, including the prevention of wrinkles and a slowing of the aging process.

Instructions for use include taking one teaspoon of pomegranate peel powder and mixing it with a few drops of milk. Apply the ingredients to your face after thoroughly combining them. If you have oily skin, rose water, not milk, is what you want to use. After it has dried, wash it in water that is lukewarm. You’ll get the most benefits from using this mask on a twice-weekly basis.

It protects against harm from the Sun

The arrival of summer means that your skin requires additional attention and treatment than usual. Tan lines and skin cancer are two of the most common issues that arise throughout the summer months. The beneficial effects of pomegranate aid in the fight against it. If you include it in your routine skincare routine, it will assist your skin in combating the free radicals that are created by exposure to the sun.


Using only natural ingredients in your skincare routine is going to provide you with the best results. Fresh summer fruits and other naturally occurring components should be incorporated into your skincare routine.

The pomegranate, which is a summer fruit, is known to be beneficial for the skin in a number of different ways. It is possible to use it as a toner in addition to being an effective scrub, and it helps with skin that is acne-prone or greasy. But before you go to include all these home remedies in your list, you must consult a dermatologist in Lahore because all skin types are not the same.

Luckily, Marham has contacted the health experts so easy that you can ask any question in just a bit. So, try it.


1. Can pomegranates reduce dark spots?

Pomegranates are rich in important nutrients and assist in reducing sunspots and pigmentation. It also helps in battling pigmentation, and the vitamin C concentration in pomegranates assists in giving you a vibrant and beautiful skin tone.

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