Woman Drives RV Into Casino After Being Kicked Out

Woman Drives RV Into Casino After Being Kicked Out

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  • February 14, 2023
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A woman who got kicked out of a casino in North Las Vegas has been charged with attempted murder after she intentionally drove her RV through the front doors. Authorities say she hit a custodial worker who was standing outside.

She had been asked to leave the casino early Friday morning, according to a statement from North Las Vegas Police. She was angry. She left the building, got into her Winnebago motorhome and plowed it through the casino’s glass front doors.

Police Release Name of Woman Who Driven RV Into Casino

A woman who drove her RV into a casino in North Las Vegas was angry that she had been kicked out of the property. She also believed that she owed the casino money, according to police reports.

She then reportedly plowed her RV through the casino’s front doors, seriously injuring a custodian. The woman was eventually taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.

The woman, identified as Jennifer Stitt, was allegedly upset with the casino because she had been kicked out the previous day and believed that the casino owed her money. She subsequently drove her RV into the casino and struck a 66-year-old custodian, who was cleaning the inside of the casino’s entry way at the time.

After the crash, security guards surrounded Stitt’s vehicle and took her into custody. Her bond was set at $100,000.

In the wake of the accident, the Cannery’s main entrance and valet area were closed for investigation. But that wasn’t the end of the drama. Later Friday, the building caught fire, causing an evacuation of the property.

While the woman’s name was not released, it was reported that she was arrested at the casino. The arrest report stated that surveillance video shows the motorhome driving around the parking lot and then making an abrupt turn toward the casino’s entrance.

The video shows the motorhome accelerating and moving through the second glass entrance into the breezeway, where the custodian was cleaning. He was pinned between the front bumper of the motorhome and the glass door.

He remained in the area for 9 seconds before he was pushed out of the way by the incoming RV. The motorhome then continued to accelerate and travel 10 feet before it crashed through the second entrance, pinning the casino worker with his back against the front bumper of the RV, according to the police report.

The 66-year-old man suffered critical injuries but is expected to survive. The RV driver, who was arrested and charged with attempted murder, is currently in custody at the Las Vegas City Jail on a $100,000 bail.

Woman Was Kicked Out of Casino

A woman was kicked out of a casino in North Las Vegas last week after she allegedly drove her RV into the property’s main entrance. According to police, Jennifer Stitt became upset when she was asked to leave the Cannery Casino because she felt she had been owed money.

In response, the 50-year-old Stitt went outside and got into her motorhome, then accelerated toward the main doors of the casino. She continued to hit the gas pedal even after her vehicle started to get stuck, witnesses said. Security eventually pulled her from her vehicle, but she did not stop accelerating and ran into the main doors of the casino.

The woman’s rampage is causing quite the commotion in North Las Vegas, and authorities are trying to figure out how she did it. One security expert says that it’s important for casinos to have better protection against people who want to do harm to employees and guests, especially in off-Strip casinos.

Luckily, the only person who was injured during the incident is expected to recover from his injuries. However, the commotion was very jarring for everyone who saw it.

One social media post by Becky Paszkiewicz and her friend Calesta about their experience at Potawatomi Casino sparked hundreds of shares and likes on Facebook. They both say the casino had a dress code, but they don’t think it was clear enough.

When the women got into the casino, they were wearing sweatshirts and jean shorts. They got escorted out by security and were told their shorts were too short. They were angry about this and posted the experience on their Facebook page.

The post received many shares and likes, and Becky and her friend have since been banned from the casino. Their experience has inspired them to start a campaign against casinos that have an unspoken dress code.

The woman who allegedly drove her RV into the Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas has been charged with attempted murder, a category B felony in the state of Nevada. She faces up to 20 years in prison.

Woman Driven RV Into Casino Entrance

After being thrown out of the Cannery Casino on Craig Road in North Las Vegas, a woman got angry and drove her RV into the casino entrance. She slammed the vehicle into the doors of the building, critically injuring a custodian who was standing outside.

Jennifer Stitt, 50, is being held at the Las Vegas Detention Center on a charge of attempted murder, according to jail records. She is accused of driving her Winnebago motorhome through the front doors of the casino after being ejected from the property for disorderly conduct, police said.

The incident occurred around 6 a.m. Friday, and was captured on surveillance video. The woman was seen driving through the valet area and abruptly turning into the breezeway entrance, according to the KSNV News report.

She hit a 66-year-old custodial worker who was cleaning the building’s entry way. He was critically injured but is expected to survive, authorities say.

Police haven’t identified the woman yet, but she is being held on a $100,000 bail. She is facing a charge of attempted murder, and her next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 13.

According to an arrest report, Stitt had told two North Las Vegas police officers that she was upset at the casino because she was owed money and had been trespassed from the property the day before.

“She made a spontaneous utterance that the Cannery owed her money and she did this, which is to drive the RV through the front doors of the Cannery Casino,” a police officer wrote in an arrest report.

She then continued to hit the gas pedal while her RV became stuck in the casino’s entrance, according to Leavitt. Employees at the casino had to force their way into the Winnebago and pull the woman out of her vehicle.

While prosecutors are still investigating the incident, they believe that Stitt was angered by the fact that she was kicked out of the casino and wanted revenge on the staff. She had been given a warning to leave the property earlier in the morning, and that she would be arrested for trespassing if she did not.

Woman Injured a Custodian

A woman who was kicked out of a Las Vegas casino was angered and drove her Winnebago motorhome into the building Friday morning, crashing through the front doors and hitting an elderly custodian multiple times. She intentionally ran over the 66-year-old man, according to police.

Investigators said the woman drove toward a valet and abruptly turned into the casino’s breezeway entrance about 5:15 a.m., pinning an employee against one set of glass doors before accelerating through the second set and pulling a custodian under the vehicle. The man was taken to University Medical Center in critical condition, but he is expected to survive, authorities say.

The woman, who is now facing an attempted murder charge, was arrested Wednesday and was assigned a public defender. She is being held on $100,000 bail at the Las Vegas Detention Center.

She told police she was owed money at the casino and had been trespassed from the property, investigators said. She was arraigned in North Las Vegas Justice Court on Wednesday and has a court appearance scheduled for November, police said.

Stitt told police she got mad because she was kicked out and wanted to punish the staff who escorted her out, according to an arrest report. She rammed her RV into the doors, which was pinned against the custodian, who is now in serious condition.

Police said she then kept gassing her vehicle, which made it stuck in the casino’s entrance. The woman then hit the custodian again before she was arrested.

Another custodian at the casino was a passenger in her RV, but is not injured. She did not know Stitt was driving the vehicle when she left, Leavitt said.

When Stitt sped through the casino’s doors, she drove into the back of a custodian who was cleaning the casino’s entrance, police said. She also drove into the entrance of the gaming floor, which is near the casino’s valet area.

The 66-year-old custodian was in the process of cleaning the casino’s entrance, Leavitt said. He was struck by the RV several times, but he is expected to survive.

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