Looking For Best Wide Brim Hats For Women? Try These Five Options

Looking For Best Wide Brim Hats For Women? Try These Five Options

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  • June 4, 2022
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What do people usually wear a wide brim hat for? Sun protection, of course! Yet not all sun hats are created equal. Some are designed with safety in mind, while others may look cute but lack functionality.

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When you start looking around for the best wide-brim hats, you will find thousands of options in beautiful styles. However, this comprehensive list of availability is the main reason, which makes it challenging to make an ultimate shopping decision. Therefore it becomes crucial to know trending pieces in the market.


A wide brim hat with elegant style and beautiful design will add a touch of luxury to your overall looks. If you are a hat lover looking for the best wide brim hats on the market, you can try these five options below.


  1. Florence – Women’s Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat

The first option in this list of fabulous wide brim hats is Florence-Womens wide brim straw sun hat by Abbey Millner. Now, you might be wondering why this hat on the list is? Nobody has ever heard of the brand. But, that would be a surprise because it’s one of the best options you will get in this price range.


A unique feature of the Florence straw hat is a fantastic leather band attached to it. This stylish band gives an elegant touch to your overall looks and helps you look bright and beautiful in any situation.


Key Features

  • A wide brim that beats the sun on a hot afternoon
  • Designed precisely with ventilation in mind
  • It saves your skin, face, and head from direct sunlight
  • Stylish design that gives an incredible look


  1. Roxy – Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat

Roxy presents their unique wide brim straw sun hat. It is a perfect piece in your collection of hats. The classic wide brim style offers maximum protection against harmful UV rays to protect your skin and face from sunburns, dark spots, and other damages caused by direct sunlight exposure. Premium quality builds with an elegant design allow you to get the best looks for yourself. Its durable and premium build gives you longer user time with your hats.


Key Features

  • Wide brim with leather strap
  • Made with fine quality cotton blend fabric that feels comfortable on the skin
  • Two elastic sweatbands inside to help keep the hat in place


  1. Laguna – Women’s Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat

Laguna Wide brim felt a fedora hat is a simple option for you. With 100% high-quality felt material, this wide brim hat will protect your skin from overexposure to sunlight. It’s a perfect summer hat and a beach if you look for something cute and beautiful but with purpose. Laguna sun hats usually ship out within one business day, so you can take them whenever you need them.


Key Features

  • Classic fedora style with an integrated wide brim
  • Lightweight felt materials that keep the hat lightweight and easy to carry around.


  1. Navajo – Wide Brim Felt Mexican Sun Hat

The second last option on the list is Navajo-Womens wide brim felt Mexican sun hat. It has a simple design with a touch of elegance to it. One of the most prominent features of this wide brim hat is the chinstrap that gives better support to this hat. Compared to other hats, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around; therefore, you can take them anywhere. Like its name, the complete style and features of these wide brim hats are also unique.


Key Features

  • Adjustable chin strap that offers extra support & protection against harmful UV rays
  • It comes with a special sweatband that defines the comfortable experience
  • Felt materials with an elegant touch


  1. Sunbelt – Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat

Last but not least, Sunbelle-Women’s Wide Brim felt fedora hat is mentioned in this list. Sunbelt is a famous brand for wide brim sun hats with a stylish design, elegant look, and unique features that give you ultimate protection from harmful sunlight. This wide brim fedora hat comes in different colors that you can choose from depending upon your need and beauty.


Key Features

  • Elegant look with simple design
  • The premium quality hat that offers a long user time
  • It comes with a stylish touch band on the backside and a chin strap to give extra support


Final Words

The above five options are the best wide brim hats for women that you can find in the market. They come with an elegant design, premium quality build, and a stylish look; therefore, buying these will give your look an extra edge. Even when you have more than one hat, you should undoubtedly check out these five hats if you want something new and stunning. What are you waiting for?


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