The Shocking Murder of Katarzyna Zowad

The Shocking Murder of Katarzyna Zowad

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  • November 12, 2022
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After Katarzyna Zowada mother reported that her daughter was missing from her psychiatric clinic appointment, the police investigated the case. The police identified a man named Vladimir W. as the suspect. He had previously killed his own father, de-scalped and severed his body. He was wearing a mask made from the skin he had pulled off his head. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. It was later determined that this man was responsible for Katarzyna Zowado’s murder.

Robert Janczewski

At the end of 1998, the shocking murder of 23-year-old Katarzyna Zowad, a student at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, was uncovered. A Polish government investigation led to a man being arrested: Robert Janczewski. He is still in custody and is facing charges of aggravated murder with particular cruelty.

Katarzyna had few friends, and she was very quiet. She was rarely seen by other students. Her two friends, Anna and Ula, did not know her well. She sat at the back of the lecture hall, and did not talk to many people.

The case is still unsolved, but it’s the first murder in the history of the Polish Navy. Katarzyna Zowado was a young woman who was missing since November 1998. Her body was found floating in the Vistula River by the crew of a tugboat. It’s believed that a masked man had killed her and left her body in the propeller, but the right leg was later recovered from the river.

Wladimir Zowada

Katarzyna missed an appointment at a psychiatric clinic, and her mother called the police to investigate. They discovered a man named Vladimir W. was suspected of the murder. He had previously killed his father, then de-scalped and severed his head. He was arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his crimes. It is still unclear if he committed Katarzyna’s murder.

The unsolved case is one of the most horrifying murders in Poland. A 23-year-old student, Katarzyna Zowad, went missing in November 1998. The bodies of her body were found in a lake. A tugboat captain who was traveling in the area found Zowada’s skin floating in the water. She had been missing for nearly a year. Authorities suspect that her killer used a body suit.

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The case was unusual for Poland. Before the shocking killing of Kasia, no similar cases had been reported in the country. In fact, Polish police had never seen anything like it, and feared they were dealing with a new type of monster. Some even compared the case to the movie “Silence of the Lambs” by Stephen King.

Katarzyna Zowada’s Body Suit

Katarzyna Zowado, a 23-year-old college student, was murdered in Krakow, Poland. Her body was found in the river on 14 January, though the head was never recovered. Despite the body being badly broken, traces of a rare plant species were found on her sweater, allowing police to narrow down the location of the crime. She was apparently brutally tortured before her death.

In November 1998, the police were searching for the body of a young woman who had gone missing. The police found a leg fragment, a piece of flesh on the buttock, and pieces of clothing cut below the knee. New forensic technologies were able to help them solve the mystery and identify the killer. The body was a match for Katarzyna Zowada, a 23-year-old student from Poland who went missing nearly two months prior.

Police charged Robert J. with aggravated murder with particular cruelty. He maintained that he did not know Zowada. Earlier in December, he had complained about harassment from prison guards, but this was later found to be baseless.

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