The Complete Guide To Avast Antivirus

The Complete Guide To Avast Antivirus

Because hackers are able to access web histories and login credentials via malware, viruses can also cause financial losses. We do, however, tend not to want to spend a lot on antivirus software every month, despite its existence. Find out how Avast Antivirus’ free and premium services differ in this article about Avast Antivirus’ pricing. See for more details.

What Avast Antivirus Costs For Your Home

Our team broke down the pricing of Avast’s antivirus software for you below because their website makes it confusing. The first-year price is only valid for one year; the second-year rate will increase, but the amount was not disclosed.

However, most antivirus software subscriptions also start at a year, although we prefer Avast to offer shorter subscription terms. At $4.19 a month minimum, Avast is on the higher end of the price spectrum for antivirus software, compared with 3 to 4 dollars for some.

If the price of Avast’s antivirus software is too steep for you, you can download the free version, but how does that measure up to subscriptions? Check out this comparison.

Choosing Between A Premium And A Free Service

A free antivirus service does a general scan for viruses and spyware, but does not check for ransomware, wireless security vulnerabilities, or phishing, which is associated with about one fifth of all business data breaches. It is a good idea to get free protection for only one device if you require basic security. Our choice was the Premium plan, though. If you want to protect up to ten devices with additional coverage, check out our Avast Antivirus review.

Business Avast Antivirus Pricing

Apart from providing antivirus protection for individuals, Avast also provides antivirus protection for businesses of all sizes. According to Avast, this section is based on their website, which we trust for information. However, we didn’t try these personally.

Small Office Protection

If you are looking for more financial efficiency, then you may be better off purchasing a business subscription than purchasing Premium subscriptions for everyone. The Avast software can be installed on up to ten different devices for a period of one, two, or three years.

As with our Premium subscription, we can block spyware, ransomware, malware, and viruses across as many as 10 devices with Small Office Protection. A Wi-Fi inspector can detect untrustworthy networks, and a firewall can stop connections from untrusted sources.

Protection From A Single Source

Information that is sensitive to customers, like that of doctors’ offices and banks, must be protected. Then you might want to look into All-In-One Protection if that is the case. In contrast to its other antivirus software, which also features behavior-based detection, Avast claims that its new antivirus service has six layers of protection rather than one. There is no clear explanation of this on the website, so we recommend talking to a sales representative before purchasing.

Having your antivirus software available on more than one device has obvious advantages. You are also protected on Linux devices, unlike regular antivirus programs. Especially if you handle customer information, or if you need to protect Linux or server devices, you may consider Avast’s All-In-One Protection.

All-In-One Protection For You

Business owners can easily manage multiple networks using CloudCare, one of Avast’s latest antivirus options. Avast does not list the cost of its CloudCare product, but you can view a demo first so you can decide if it is right for you.

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