Common Workplace Safety Sign Mistakes Employers Need To Avoid

Common Workplace Safety Sign Mistakes Employers Need To Avoid

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  • June 6, 2022
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Along with detailed policies and manuals on occupational safety, caution signs are integral to ensuring the safety of workers, visitors, and the public. 

To assist your association with keeping away from the unfortunate results of inadequately used signs, the following are a choice of probably the most well-known botches organizations make while setting up security signs. Doing whatever it may take to keep away from these mistakes will go quite far to keeping everybody on location all around educated and safe. Read More

Because of these mistakes, the workplace can become more hazardous and put workers, visitors, and the public at greater risk. Some of the most common safety sign mistakes to avoid:

Displaying the Signs in the Wrong Places

Choosing the best place to put up the safety signs may seem to be s a trivial matter; however, it can make a big difference to their effectiveness. The signs must be put up where workers can see them easily without looking for them.

It means you should not place them too high or in places where workers can’t see them easily. Another common mistake is putting up the sign too far away from the hazard preventing workers from associating the warning with the hazard. According to the American Society of Safety Professionals, if the sign is too close to the hazard, workers may find themselves at risk even before they can spot it. 

Absence of Maintenance


Time and again, signs are set up and afterward neglected. This prompts blurred, hindered, and obsolete signs. In the best-case scenario, signs become hard to peruse. One normal mix-up rotates around electrical security signs.

Even though the best caution signs are mainly visual, many of them require supplementary text to communicate the message. If you make the message too long, it can be difficult to read and understand, while too brief a message may not be adequately clear about the hazard, and workers may not appreciate the risk.

Not Keeping the Signs Well-Maintained

It is not enough for an organization to put up safety signs and forget about them.


Make sign upkeep some portion of your wellbeing program by:

Supplanting worn or harmed security signs
Moving signs that have become impeded by hardware or different things
Refreshing security signs when frameworks are changed or new perils are distinguished

Security Sign Solutions

Take work environment wellbeing to a higher level by ensuring you have recognized and named all working environment risks. Lessen mishaps and further develop wellbeing with the Best Practice Guide to OSHA Safety Signs by Graphic Products. This accommodating aide strolls you through the various sorts of well-being signs, how to follow OSHA’s necessities, and how to distinguish perils in the work environment.

Neglecting to keep security signs very much kept up with

Unfortunate security sign support is one more issue that can seriously think twice about the openness of the data these signs should convey.


It is important to correctly identify the workplace hazards and put up self-explanatory signage ensuring high visibility. Lessen mishaps and further develop wellbeing with the Best Practice Guide to OSHA Safety Signs by Graphic Products.

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