Use of Grants Management Software During COVID-19: Benefits

Use of Grants Management Software During COVID-19: Benefits

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  • November 22, 2022
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In this time when prompt funding could be the difference between an economic rebound and ongoing financial hardship, cloud-based grants management is essential. However, because most grantmakers work remotely, an institution’s ability to distribute and track funds can be seriously hampered by reliance on paper, antiquated practices, and decentralized management.

In these unheard-of times, foundations and nonprofit organizations can benefit from using grant management software even as they work remotely to review grant applications, make grant awards, communicate with funding recipients, monitor payments, and ensure recipients follow each award’s requirements. Using this kind of software, grant seekers can locate funding opportunities, complete applications, track the progress of each one, and get in touch with funding organizations directly.

To analyze patterns and choose the most effective method to use and manage their resources, grantmaking organizations and grant recipients use grant management software to produce reports. An unforeseen development brought about by COVID-19 has made it possible to conveniently complete most of the grantmaking cycle’s manual tasks for organizations and institutions.

Here are some advantages that are amazing to address:

Grant Management Software’s Advantages

With the aid of Grant management software, grant applicants and funders can:

Get Organized: 

No need to scour your office for vital documents or pile file folders with grant management software. Applications, grant agreements, and other funding documentation are simple to access from practically anywhere since all the information you want is kept in a single database. Many  Grant management system programmes also come with built-in alarms that can help you organize your time and remember every deadline so you can immediately satisfy all funding requirements.

Save Time

Manually looking for grant opportunities takes time. It might already be too late to craft a thorough application by the time you locate an excellent opportunity. Additionally, some grant-awarding procedures take a lot of time, diverting workers from other tasks. All parties involved in grant administration will have more time to focus on other responsibilities if they use grant management software to speed up time-consuming, repetitive procedures.

Increase Grant Income Generation

Using these tools may enhance the amount of grant cash generated each fiscal year since grant management software makes it simpler to locate funding opportunities and submit applications.

Compliance with GDPR

Do you lock up all your grant applications every night in a safe place? We are dubious. Most online grant management software programmes adhere to the most current standards for online security. So you won’t have to worry about grant management systems or data breaches anymore.

Get In Touch With The Professionals:

Flexi Grant offers completely customizable, all-in-one online grant management solutions to maximize efficiency, streamline complicated procedures, and enhance collaboration so you can concentrate on enhancing your impact. No of the size or scope of their gift, we have assisted numerous institutions and philanthropic organizations in streamlining their grantmaking process.

We offer solutions for all grantmaking organizations, from universities to philanthropic organizations, and we provide online grant management solutions for organizations of any size to manage their grant applications, streamline the process, and enhance collaboration. We help organizations spend less time on administrative tasks so they can concentrate on what matters: growing their impact.

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