Top 5 Martial Arts Movies Ever Made

Top 5 Martial Arts Movies Ever Made

Martial arts are called arts for a reason. Each and every one of them can look like dance, and you need plenty of creativity, flexibility, and stillness of mind in order to be successful. Most martial arts origin from Asia and this continent holds some of the most beautiful techniques and styles of these sports and traditions. Likewise, some of the first movies that appeared in the rest of the world certainly came from Asia. To commemorate that, here are some of the best martial arts movies that were ever made and people still love watching them.

The Protector (2005)

At the beginning of the 2000s, Tony Jaa and his expertise in Muay Thai were certainly ruling over the world. His movie The Protector features some of the most intense and awesome Muay Thai choreographies and has certainly made this actor and martial artist from Thailand famous. The Protector features probably one of the most brutal and realistic choreographies that the world simply loved. In this movie, you can watch Tony Jaa in an amazing 5-minute-long continuous fight scene that will take your breath away as if you were the one getting punched.

Police Story (1985)

Everyone loves Jackie Chan and everyone is obsessed with him. He brought something so fresh and new to the movie industry of the 80s and 90s that the world was simply in awe. What impressed everyone, even more, is that this man did his own stunts in every single movie. All the moves, techniques, and scenes were authentically him and he was so comically skillful. The perfect example of his charisma and knowledge of martial arts is the movie Police Story, and the very first scene sees Chan dangling from a double-decker during a car chase. What is more, children were so obsessed with him and his skills that they started enrolling in martial arts clubs in order to learn those moves. Today, we are still being inspired by him and many other masters, and you can easily watch some martial arts training videos online and get started.

The Karate Kid (1984)

Danny and Mister Myagi were the perfect example of why kids should love martial arts, more precisely karate. This 80s movie also inspired so many children to start learning self-defense skills. More importantly, Karate Kid taught us all how important discipline and patience are in order to master not just karate, but the entire life. And even though sequels of the film are a bit clunky, Karate Kid still remains an amazing inspiration to everyone who feels like an outsider. What is more, Netflix made an amazing sequel series, Kobra Kai, which gives us insight into the other side of the story of the rivalry between Danny and Johnny.

Kill Bill (2003)

Very few movies in the western cinema have been able to capture the perfect frantic energy and camp of martial arts movies. However, Quentin Tarantino, being the master of brutal movies, did just that in his Kill Bill series. What is more, Uma Thurman was the perfect cast choice for the lead role with her combination of frailty and toughness, especially in a vengeful woman. Kill Bill truly stands out from the crowd when it comes to western martial arts movies due to a perfect combo of fighting styles, camp, and seriousness.

The Way of the Dragon (1972)

We can’t talk about martial arts movies and not mention Bruce Lee. He brought kung fu to our screens and he was truly a master of this art. The Way of the Dragon is a legendary movie and perfectly portrayed how skillful Lee was as well as his humorous approach to action. He certainly brought something new to this industry and we can’t forget that in this movie he is facing another living martial art and action legend – Chuck Norris. These two legends together and separately also inspired a lot of people and children to learn how to wield nunchucks and train a variety of martial arts.

These five movies are just some examples of the best martial arts movies ever made. They all feature some legends in this industry and such a variety of martial arts, their styles, and techniques. All of them inspired us to gain more discipline and learn how to defend ourselves, and how beneficial exercising in general, and martial arts are to us. Hopefully, the movie industry will continue to make martial arts movies with the same inspiration and same campiness and skills they used to feature.

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