The Peppy Summer Fashion Trends to Amplify Your Summer Coolness – The Attire Ideas That Work

The Peppy Summer Fashion Trends to Amplify Your Summer Coolness – The Attire Ideas That Work

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  • June 15, 2022
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Dressing cool is not just a practice. If you are a style-conscious young girl, it’s natural to want to look cool by using straw hats. Check the fashion bloggers on Instagram, and you will find that most of them are sporting a country club style. It’s what is known as preppy fashion. If you ask the latest style bloggers, most would state that they want to look as if they came out from a tennis lesson looking their best, as if they have a smart-looking French instructor all the time.

So, what does preppy fashion mainly comprise? To explain in simple terms, you can count on your polo collars, graphic sweatshirts, sweaters draped around the shoulders, pleated skirts, and any other stylish and cute outfit. However, it is very comfortable. The cool girls are all set to rock this trend all through summer this year. Hence, all you need to do is opt-in for quick browsing on Instagram or Google search and check all that you can come across when searching for preppy fashion

Most girls think that sporting like a cool tennis girl or embracing preppy fashion is out of their reach! Simply put, it’s a versatile style that almost anyone can customize as per their own style. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, here’s what you need to be doing:

  • Choose the sporty sweatshirts

Here you have a chance to give expression to your inner Princess Diana! And you can get it done by wearing an oversized graphic sweatshirt that gets paired using athletic bottoms. You can choose from anything from your pleated tennis skirt or your best biker shorts. Also, the sweatshirts in rugby style and the tennis graphic ones will make you feel that you belong to an exclusive club. 

  • The athletic dresses and skirts

No girl can get the preppy fashion and a sporty chic vibe correct without opting in for the dresses and classic tennis skirts. Whether you wish to opt-in for a quintessential white pleat or you intend to choose a fun shade or any different style, you will have no shortage of cute choices here. You have the option to dress down using a sweatshirt or by choosing a lovely sweater. 

  • Lightweight hats can add to your look

A cool look in summer also means taking care of the heat! And for that, you need to resort to a hat. The best option here is the straw hats. You can find them in Fedora style or even opt-in for a straw sun hat, whichever is your preference. The straw hats are lightweight and come in myriad colors. And there’s no obligation that you need to wear it all the time. If you are out and want to walk in style, you can choose a straw hat. There are vast colors to choose from, such as purple, beige, yellow, tan, and even vibrant red. If you want to wear something understated, you can choose a white, black, or even light brown straw hat.

The hatband embellishment choices are endless today. On the other hand, if you want to attract all the glances, a bright-hued straw hat can be perfect. At times, you can choose a funky-looking hatband to make a great style statement. Go ahead and take your pick today!

  • The polos and varsity-style knits

Do you wish to take the preppy look from your usual tennis court to your boarding school? If yes, you can get it done by opting in for a vest, varsity-style sweater, or by opting in for a typical polo top. These timeless pieces come in a clam shade palette of greens, neutrals, and blues, the correct way to create a subtle statement. 

  • Include the preppy accessories

You can’t finish the country club looks without opting in to select preppy accessories. Also, right from the baseball hats to the sporty sneakers and tote bags, some pieces will add a great finishing touch to the look and make you feel ultra-chic. You can consider a tennis dress, which is a simple outfit, and complete the entire look by adding a few accessories to it. 

The essence of preppy fashion is to channel your inner coolness by opting for smart, casual stylish attires and accessories that will add to the overall look. If you have always been the plain Jane, it’s your time to express the dormant cool girl in you. And once you fashion yourself with the preppy vibes, you can flaunt it with ease and confidence. So go ahead and delve into this style for the summers and maximize your coolness, as you look pretty and in vogue. You have plenty of options to choose from which will give you a chance to experiment with various looks. 


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