Halloween – pumpkin time!

The most important decorative item on Halloween is by far the pumpkin. You can simply leave pumpkins in their natural form and distribute them at the entrance to the house. Or you can use small pumpkins with painted faces in the apartment for decoration. tow rope for tubing there are even pumpkin seeds that you can use to grow ornamental pumpkins yourself. These aren’t big enough to carve anything out of, but they’re a perfect, vibrant Halloween decoration!

The popular carved pumpkins, you can make yourself in a few simple steps. And if you don’t feel like it, you can even buy ready-made decorative pumpkins. No one has to do without pumpkins on Halloween!

If you want to carve a creepy pumpkin on Halloween, you need suitable tools. First of all, various sharp knives separate the lid and cut the contours. But to make a great, creepy pumpkin, you need skill and a few ingredients.

How to carve a great, creepy pumpkin

The pumpkin

You should first buy a large, ripe, fleshy pumpkin that must not be damaged. The pumpkin must therefore be fleshy so that its pulp can be easily peeled off. You don’t even have to throw away the pulp, you can make a delicious pumpkin soup out of it!

The tool

For the processing of the pumpkin, you need different knives or a knife set. You can buy this conveniently in well-stocked specialist shops. If you want to have beautiful patterns in the pumpkin, you can work with cookie cutters. These must be made of metal, otherwise, they will break.

If you have a piece of well-stocked tooling equipment at home, you will find a hollow chisel or an electric drill. With it, you can still make pretty patterns or small dots or small holes that you can not do with a knife.

Carving instructions:

First, cut off the lid of the pumpkin with a large sharp knife. But you have to leave the stem so that you can easily remove the lid and put it on if you want to put a candle in it. The larger the lid, the better you can put the burning candle in later without burning yourself.

Now you have to hollow out the pumpkin with a large spoon. But you have to make sure that at least a 2 cm wide edge remains at the end. Otherwise, the pumpkin is no longer stable enough to work on the pattern.

Finally, use a water-soluble pen to record the creepy face or other pattern or motif. Templates can be found everywhere on the Internet. Or you can let your imagination run wild. You carefully cut out this motif with a kitchen knife.

Children like to help with carving, but never let them do it alone because of the risk of injury! Alternatively, you can have the children paint a pumpkin with a waterproof pen. This is harmless and every child can participate!

Beware of mould!

Unfortunately, the pumpkin begins to mold quickly after its completion. On the Internet, various means are recommended to prevent this. For example, yoga strap bleaching should help or an anti-mold spray with active chlorine. In addition, there are hobby carvers who swear by smearing the cutting edges with milking grease. This is to protect the pumpkin from drying out.

In all experiments, however, you have to make sure that you do not spray too many chemicals into the pumpkin. It should not burn afterward when you put a candle in it. Therefore, you should first inquire carefully. Since you only want to use the pumpkin for one night, just leave it untreated. As soon as it becomes unsightly, you dispose of it in the compost.

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