18 gift ideas that fit in every boot

Are you already prepared for St. Nicholas and know exactly what you put in the boots of your children or do you also rack your brains about it? The 6th of December is coming up and best gun safe dehumidifier the children are longing for the evening when they can finally clean their shoes and put them in front of the door. Here come our gift ideas for St. Nicholas!

What a beautiful ritual, right? On the evening of December 5, you put your cleaned shoes in front of the door and find them filled with small gifts in the morning. According to legend, this is a dowry donation with which Saint Nicholas helped poor families out of need. In the past, these were often mandarins, nuts, and sweets – but today there are always small toys that make it easier for children to wait a long time for the big presents at the end of the Advent season.

Hair clip, cap & Co. for St. Nicholas

Accessories for head, hair, or a small bag fit into any boot without question. But also brooches and children’s jewelry are a good choice not only because they are timeless, but also because they beautify every piece of clothing without exception.

Aren’t these also ideas for filling the Advent calendar? What do you think?

Crafts and puzzles as an occupation for the dark season

Being creative is not only very important during the Christmas season. Crafts, puzzles, and painting are a big topic in life with children all year round. St. Nicholas is just right and brings a little something new!

Everything that makes it easier for children

Whether reading aloud, listening to stories, or snacking on chocolate – the pre-Christmas season only becomes more homely. But in addition to cozy cuddling, in the dark, cold season, of course, the more active indoor activity must also be ensured. Skill games and playing the marbles offer perfect possibilities.

School bags and small gifts for the big day!

Soon the time has come and many parents accompany their children a bit more into self-employment during school enrolment. What should not be missing? A school bag filled with small things for the school. The satchel is probably already packed at the apartment door.

First day of school – a new chapter for the whole family

Often, however, it is not easy for young and old to go into the new phase of life in a completely positive way. Separation fears and thoughts about the change in everyday family life come up for some. Some time ago, we wrote a post about how it is easier to get used to it on both sides.

But also the anticipation of your own school bag is huge. Did you know that the sugar cone, as the original term goes, already has a 200-year-old history? At that time, the name was created because the children’s day was to be sweetened. Accordingly, they were filled with fruit, nuts, and biscuits. Here in Germany, the symbol of the school bag on the day of school enrolment has become indispensable and it shows the child “I am tall and from now on a schoolchild!”. Read More

We have searched for the most beautiful variants and give you tips on which innovative little attentions are perfect for the school bag of the little ones.

School Bags Favorites

They are available in countless variants. Five of them have particularly impressed us and some of them are available in different versions. The brands Reuberkind, lisqa, and tiny day cover their school bags with a fine cotton fabric and rely on manual work. They are additionally stamped, decorated with crochet parts, and individualized by naming. By the way: The tiny day model can optionally be used as a pillow by removing the cardboard blank and an additional cushion inlet.

A big appearance is guaranteed with the school bags of “Der kleine Knick”. The brand, which became known some time ago through the TV show “The Cave of the Lions”, provides the school beginners with its models as a strong companion at the side. The model “Unicorn” is also in great demand! By the way, the entire school bag can be used after the big day as a play friend or as a storage box. The dinosaur head alone can provide further services as a wall hanger. Thumbs up for this sustainable thought! For More Info Click Here

Gifts and snacks for the school bag

Because a small gift makes the children’s smiles even bigger, we have a bit of inspiration for you here, what you can fill into the sugar cone:

A cool cappy, an umbrella in case the rain crashes out of clouds on the way or cool gadgets for your room a beautiful children’s watch that fits every outfit. All this can, but does not have to. Maybe one or the other product is something for Easter, birthday or St. Nicholas?

Unusual school supplies

Animal and innovative school materials are the hit in every satchel. Here is a small selection: 

Do you still know them? The hard caramel vintage Lolli’s bring me back to my childhood every time. They have always been something very special. And they still are today. Giving away is twice as much fun! Read More

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