Effects of Healthy Life Styles on Students

Effects of Healthy Life Styles on Students

Healthy lifestyle is suggested by psychologists to the people to not only live fit and fine but also to stay happy always. Healthy lifestyle makes the students enthusiastic and energetic to make efforts for their dreams and make them attainable. This healthy lifestyle includes healthy diet and food chain on top priority and then a balanced daily routine on secondary basis. So, let’s talk about a healthy food chain system. Kids always follow their parents and elders and when they will get instructions from their parents and elders then they will surely have a healthy meal system in their life.

According to the school management system, parents must take their kids to the supermarket or local market in order to introduce them with green vegetables and their vast variety, and also make them memorize and understand the benefits of eating different vegetables. It often happens that kids prefer fast foods rather than vegetables and fruits so here parents need to use their innovativeness and wisdom to make kids love fruits and vegetables. Parents need to represents fruits and vegetables in innovative way like fruits custard, sandwiches including vegetables, salads including colourful and delicious sprouts, smoothies having bananas and other nutritious fruits instead of cold drinks which are harmful for body etc. Second most neglected thing by kids is water which is very essential for proper functioning of the body especially in this summer season. In this summer season lack of water can lead the body to dehydration, faint and difficulties in organ functioning. Also make them understand that proper consumption of water makes the skin glow and fit and fine. School management system also suggests usually kids should consume water after every 2 hours a day this should be made compulsory for the kids to keep them healthy and safe in this summer season. If kids show much interest in consuming so much water then make them eat muskmelon, cucumber and watermelon as salads which will complete the needful amount of water in their body. 

These days school managements are opting for many new and innovative tools like school management software because school management software helps in proper management of school and to look after their departments. In the same way parents need to look after their kids so that they should never eat too much junk food, occasionally it is ok but regularly it will prove to be poison. Also, parents should keep in mind that frozen food should not be purchased for the kids and they should always eat fresh cooked food at home. It is so because most of the time frozen food is rich in sugar and salt and both are poison for the human body. We can’t always be sure about street food that is cooked or fried into stale oil which can be poisonous for the health of the kids so they should avoid such street food too. Also, high calorie edibles which contain high levels of sugar content should never be given to children to eat. This creates cavities in their teeth and harms gums also. Therefore, parents can replace cold drinks with homemade smoothies and fruit juices etc. Today kids are very smart and intelligent and they know much more than us about technology and spend most of their time playing video games. Kids keep on playing on screen for hours and eat packed food continuously meanwhile. Being busy in screen time for too long causes several health issues such as headache, backache, weak eyesight and indigestion of food. Therefore, instead of having such a harmful routine.

Going beyond the limits is not permissible in any kind of field. Hence crossing the limits is not allowed in student life also. Having big dreams and having dedication and zeal to accomplish them is not bad but getting mad after it is not good. One can achieve anything in this world only in one condition when his/her body and mind will be in sound state and to keep it fit and fine it is essential that students should not take work from their mind and body beyond the limits. This can damage the equilibrium of mind and body. Also, a student can attain a healthy living only when he or she is happy and the best way to achieve happiness is to spend time with dear ones, with close family relatives and with those who contain special places in the heart. Best moments in life can be only with dear ones and family.

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