4 Tips and Tools that Make Leads via Social Media

4 Tips and Tools that Make Leads via Social Media

Wondering how to generate more leads from social media? Social media isn’t just a place to promote your business, build brand awareness and drive engagement.

If you use the right strategies using the right strategies, social media can be a great source of leads and eventually, sales. This blog article will help you you’ll find four ways and tools to assist you in generating leads from your social media pages. But no one can beat the benefit of buying Instagram followers from Australia, as it’s the best thing that you can adopt.

#1 Use Live Streaming to Generate More Leads

Video has consistently proved itself over the past few years to be one of the top-performing kinds of content. A recent study revealed that 76 percent of marketers believe that video marketing has helped increase sales. What about the live stream? One thing to note is that 88% of consumers prefer to view a live stream from the brand rather instead of reading blogs. In addition, 82% of customers believe they prefer live videos from a brand over social media posts.

For assistance, make use of ClickMeeting which is a complete webinar software that allows the streaming of your event to YouTube or Facebook with ease. You must make sure you leverage every channel you can to advertise your live streaming webinar. You should ensure that as many people view as much as you can; the more viewers you can get the more potential leads you can possibly convert into leads.

#2 Hold Social Media Contests and Giveaways

A second method of generating leads through social media is to hold an event. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get people excited in your company’s name and talk about it. You can also make them feel involved and get them interested in your brand’s products or services. However, it does not mean that any social media contest can yield results.

The reason why your prize is extremely important. An Australian Servicing Agency said that “The best prize can help you create leads. If you choose the wrong one, it will garner your attention from those who don’t have a desire for your products or services.” To ensure that you’re generating leads of high quality from your contest on social media, it is important to be aware of two things you must keep in mind.


#3 Promote Your Gated Content

Another way to get leads from social media is more indirect: advertising your content that is gated via social media to encourage more people to sign-up and give their contact information in exchange for the content they would like to receive.

Here’s an excellent example from Influence and Co., which partnered together with HubSpot for the purpose of producing an e-book that was free and downloadable and promoted the book through the social channels of Influence & Co.


The reason this is effective is that first it is targeted at a specific market which is the digital marketing agency. There’s probably no demand or interest in this ebook if you weren’t employed by an agency, therefore, the people who sign up for the free ebook, will most likely to be qualified leads.

In addition, if they wish to read the eBook they’re first directed to a landing page as well as an application form where they need to provide certain information about themselves:

  • To create quality leads through gated content the most important aspect is what you provide people as a reward. Just as with contests and giving away prizes, your prize must be appropriate to the audience you are targeting (and not be of importance to others) to make sure that each lead you create is an opportunity for a customer.
  • Explore different types of updates to determine what results in it can bring by sharing links to content that is gated isn’t difficult to do (in actual fact, this is one of the easiest methods to create leads through social media) however, you can also create a variety of promotional videos and images to promote the content through social media and also A/B-test various social media updates with text or calls for action in order to determine which ones get the highest number of users to provide their information to download and access the material.


#4 Leverage Social Listening to Find Leads

Tools for social listening are extremely effective because they can aid in understanding your target audience. They are able to:

  • Tell us what kind of content they prefer and what they don’t like.
  • Find out what subjects they’re most passionate about and the hashtags they’re using.
  • Find out which influencers they are following and engage with often

However, even though social listening tools are excellent for conducting research, their utility isn’t just limited to research; in fact, they can be excellent tools to generate leads. How can you use social listening to improve lead generation? And how you can buy Instagram followers Australia?

The primary goal is to be aware of specific terms on your social media platforms, to identify opportunities:

  • The first step is to be aware of all references to your brand It is possible that not all people will mention your name in posts that talk about you, and you may be missing out on some chances to sell
  • Keep track of the names of your competitors For instance there could be those seeking advice on your competitors, or complaining about your competition and similar scenarios that could provide excellent opportunities to create qualified leads. For instance, a tweet like this from a disappointed customer could lead to a new client for you, when you follow the right strategy:
  • Find people who are looking for services or products similar to yours. People often utilize social media sites to receive help and suggestions, learn about products and services, and receive advice from others.
  • Check specific areas (if relevant) If you’re only providing services to specific regions, this will assist you in finding highly specific leads. It is recommended to play around using a variety of keywords and keyword groups (such as negative keywords, i.e. keywords that you wish to be completely removed in your searches) to discover as many leads as you can.
  • If you spot them, you need to interact with them and attempt to convert them: speak directly with them, engage with their material and reply to their messages, and provide the relevant resources when they are needed.


Social media is an incredible lead generator and sales source not just to boost your brand’s social media presence through shares and likes. Utilize the strategies described in this article. It can help you create more leads through social media regularly, and ultimately, develop your business into a more successful.

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