WD Blue 500GB 7200RPM 3.5-inch Hard Drive – Specifications and Reviews

A computer hard drive is used to store your applications, data files, operating system, pictures, documents, and music. These devices are reliable and can store the data for a longer period of time. All the other devices inside the system function together to show you the files and applications saved on your hard drive. The WD5000azlx-08k2ta0 Blue 500GB Hard Drive works on proven technology that can accommodate a huge amount of data and is comparatively economical. Under normal circumstances, it performs well and is reasonably durable.

About WD 500GB 3.5-inch Hard Drive

With the WD hard drive, you can boost your PC storage capacity. The WD Blue series now offers data storage capacities: up to 1 TB Mainstream: 5 TB+ enhances PC Performance, paired with a larger capacity hard drive. The solid-state drive maximizes the speed of data access, whereas the Western Digital Blue hard drive saves up to 6 TB of files, movies, games, and apps.

With this hard drive, you can simply upgrade and backup data. A WD hard drive is available with free access to Acronis True Image. The downloadable software rapidly copies all your data to a new drive. The feature makes retrieving and saving your data easier.

Cameras that record ultra-high-definition video at 30 frames/second and 4K resolution need a lot of storage capacity. Buy a WD Hard Drive only if you have trust in the company. The reliability and durability are legendary. Every device has been built and tested to stay for a long period of time and comes with a 2-year warranty. Also, Western Digital storage devices are tested and recommended to be used in desktop computers, notebooks, and industrial applications.


  • Hard Drive: 500 Gigabytes Serial ATA-600
  • Item model number: WD5000AZLX
  • Brand: Western Digital
  • Hardware Platform: Mac, Mac
  • Flash Memory Size: 500
  • Rotational Speed: ‎7200 RPM
  • Item Weight: ‎15.8 ounces
  • Dimensions (inches): ‎5.8 x 4 x 1


The WD5000azlx-08k2ta0 Blue 500GB Hard Drive comes with several latest and high-end features, which includes

  • Simple Upgradation

Using Acronis True Image software, you can seamlessly transfer your vital data/information from your current device to your new WD Hard Drive. It is accessible as a free download on the WD Support website. The software allows you to copy all of your data to the latest hard drive, so you do not have to reinstall the operating system to get the advantages of the latest hard drive. Read More


  • Tested for Compatibility

The brand has performed tests on several systems and platforms in their FIT Lab to provide the customer’s confidence that the hard drives will function in their systems.

  • No Touch Ramp Load Technology

The device’s recording head never comes in contact with the disk media, making sure that there should not be any wear to the recording media and head as enhanced hard drive safety in transit.

  • Brand Advantage 

The WD devices have to pass the extensive FIT (Functional Integrity Testing) before any device launch. Normally, every latest device goes through 600,000 hours of testing. Also, WD has a detailed knowledge base with 1,000 plus helpful blogs and articles. Fr their customers mainly in US and Canada, the company offers free call service for any assistance.

  • Low Power Consumption

State-of-the-art advanced power management and seeking algorithms features make sure that the device consumes low power. Read More

  • Reliable Everyday Computing  

The WD Hard Drive Blue offers durability and reliability for web and office applications. It is ideal to be used in desktop computers, and with a number of storage capacities, it is just the right storage device for all of your requirements.


  1. For my budget, it is WD all the way. I made the latest system from the case and picked the WD drive. It has always been a true storage device for me, and I have never lost any of my files. When I switched to WD5000azlx-08k2ta0Blue 500GB Hard Drive, there were several other brands that are almost gone now. The truth behind the WD is that the technology used is superior compared to other drives.
  2. The 500GB Hard drive is functioning perfectly fine in my wife’s system. Also, it is quicker and quieter than the previous hard drives. I run a solid-state drive for applications/boot and a hard disk drive for data storage. But happily, I do not have any complaints regarding the working of a hard drive

Final Words

Western Digital is a renowned brand for designing and manufacturing computer devices. Specifically, when it comes to storage media, one cannot imagine picking any other brand but WD. Our online store Harddiskdirect.com has a number of listed IT and Computer accessories which you can get at discounted rates. All of our devices are tested and come with the original packing. Get in touch with us.

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