Top 5 Unrivaled Instagram Spy Apps

Top 5 Unrivaled Instagram Spy Apps

If you have children becoming teenagers and using smartphones, you may need an Instagram spy app to know what they do on this social media network. Instagram is a renowned social networking app, with many things happening there. This platform has millions of users globally, with current statics showing that over 7% of them are underage. But, this platform might have more accounts of underage users.

Also, cybercriminals can target underage users. Therefore, parents that want to protect their children can use spy apps to monitor their children’s activities on this platform. Ideal software lets parents know who their kids contact and what they share on the network.

How to Choose an Instagram Spy App

Instagram is undoubtedly the best social network for young people. This platform allows users to share their ideas and thoughts through images or photographs instead of words. Since teenagers love this platform, parents want the best Instagram spy app to monitor their kids’ activities on this social network.

Here’s what to look for in an Instagram monitoring app: 

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  • Stealth mode: The best tracking app should work stealthily. That means the target person won’t notice or suspect that you’re monitoring their activities on this social media platform.
  • No rooting: An ideal Instagram spy app should not require rooting. That means you can use it without enduring the complex rooting process to track the target person’s activities and messages on this platform.
  • Easy installation: You may not have all the time to install the spy app on the target person’s device. Therefore, the best software has a straightforward installation process. Ideally, you should quickly install it after getting physical access to the target device.
  • Functionalities: The best spy app should provide numerous functionalities. It should allow you to spy on the person’s profile details, reels, direct messages, and time and activity logs. Also, it should let you track the time that the target person spends on Instagram.

Instagram spy apps have varying facilities and features. Therefore, choose the app that enables you to monitor the specific details you want to know about the user’s activities on this social media platform.

As hinted. Instagram spy apps have different features and functionalities. However, ideal spy software should allow you access to the following details.

  • The target person’s followers and users they follow
  • The places they visit
  • Who they spend time with
  • Who comments and likes their posts
  • Timestamps
  • Tags

Since the target person can quickly block you if they suspect you’re spying on them, an ideal app should run stealthily. If you think or suspect that your spouse or child is engaging in lousy activity on this platform, the following apps can help you spy on them without their realization.


Glassagram is an excellent Instagram spy app for tracking children’s online activities. Using this app, you can spy on your target’s Instagram profile anonymously and receive the necessary information about them. Its installation process is quick, and you can check its features to understand how it works before installation.

This app is ready for use within a minute, and it provides real-time updates. Therefore, you don’t miss out on anything your target person does on Instagram. Some of the critical features of this Instagram spying app include:

  • Story viewer
  • Video tracker
  • Direct messages viewer
  • Likes viewer
  • Location tracker

Glassagram is among the best spy apps for Instagram due to its competitive pricing. Upon selecting your subscription plan, you receive an email with instructions on downloading and installing the app on the target device. Also, it lets you protect your children by monitoring what they do on this social network in real-time. Glassagram enables you to access the target’s Instagram account from the inside. It’s a safe service that allows you to monitor everything about the target profile.


uMobix enables the user to track or monitor a person’s Instagram account. Also, you can manage the target’s social media profile or even adjust the settings to suit your needs. And the best part is that this Instagram spy app works with Android and iOS devices.

After setting up the uMobix spy app on the target’s device, you will navigate to the dashboard where you can switch Instagram on to monitor their profile in real-time. This spy app shows the results in screenshots, and you don’t get texts. However, this spy app ensures you get updates constantly, meaning you will receive several screenshots.

The screenshots are not from a specific Instagram section. However, they are about what the target person does on Instagram. For instance, you can receive screenshots when the target scrolls the feed, checks someone’s profile, replies to DMs, or comments on a post.

Some of the things that make uMobix stand out include:

  • Reasonable price
  • It has many features
  • Easy installations

Some of the features of this spy application don’t require rooting or jailbreaking the device to work. It starts at $49.99 per month, and a more extended subscription is cheaper.

SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro is a dedicated spy app for Android devices. It’s a reliable keylogger with plenty of features. Some of the critical functionalities of this spy app include:

  • Screen recorder
  • Call tracking
  • SMS access
  • GPS location spying

Using this application enables you to monitor over 30 social media channels. It works remotely to access the target phone’s data and extract it. And you can analyze the data from your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Also, you can view texts, call history, and the GPS location of the device.

Using this app to spy on Instagram allows you to view direct messages, exchanged content, posts, likes, comments, and followers. This parental control app enables parents to ensure that their children follow the right users to access appropriate content. The app maker designed it to provide advanced, instant monitoring. Thus, it lets you know what the target person is up to on Instagram in real-time.

Also, you can spy on videos and photos on the target device using this spy app. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. That means you can use it with iPads, iPhones, and Android OS 4+ devices. This application allows you to read the target person’s Instagram messages, view their posts, and rely on installation and setup.


Cocospy is a phone monitoring app that lets you spy on the person’s Instagram activity stealthily. That means you can monitor the target device without the user’s realization. This application allows you to view the target person’s conversations on different social media networks, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat.

The designated part of this app enables you to view the received and sent messages and their timestamps. It’s easy to install and set up on the target device. Once you’ve completed the setup, you can monitor almost everything the target does on their device on a comprehensive dashboard.

Among the key features of this spy app include:

  • Social media spying
  • Call tracking
  • Geofence alerts
  • Browser history tracking

Many people love this Instagram spy app due to its easy-to-navigate dashboard and simple installation. Once you’ve installed this phone on the target device, the user can’t hide anything from you because it conveys real-time information. It’s compatible with Android and iOS phones without rooting or jailbreaking them. Its price is $49.99 per month, 27.99 per 3 months, and 11.66 for 12 months.


Hoverwatch is an Instagram monitoring app that works stealthily and remotely. However, this phone spying app works slightly differently because it runs by taking screenshots. This app doesn’t require you to go to sections like Instagram. Instead, it runs automatically by detecting the target person’s apps. Thus, it detects the app in use and takes the screenshots to an online portal.

You find all screenshots at a single location, regardless of where Hoverwatch takes them, whether Instagram, WhatsApp, or SMS. And this spy app takes screenshots constantly no matter what the device user does on Instagram, whether checking the feed, replying to messages, or other activities.

This app stuffs the online portal with many screenshots since it continuously tracks the apps on the device. Therefore, finding specific screenshots from Instagram can be challenging. Nevertheless, this Instagram spy app takes high-quality screenshots. Also, Hoverwatch settings allow you to change the frequency of receiving the screenshots.

How to Install an Instagram Spy App

Instagram spying apps have an easy installation process. You only require an email, the target phone, and an internet connection. Here’s how to install the app.

  • Sign up for the Instagram spy app’s official website
  • Download the app and install it on the target device
  • Disable Google Play Protect
  • Configure the app to make it unidentifiable
  • Use the app to monitor the target’s Instagram activitySummary

Instagram is a beautiful social networking platform, but it has some risks. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to protect your child. Any Instagram spy app in this list can help you monitor your child’s activity on this social media network and decide what to do to protect them.

FAQ Can I spy on someone’s Instagram for free? 

Yes. You can use the trial version of an Insta spy app to monitor your child’s activities for free. However, the app will likely have a limited trial period, and some features won’t work until you pay for the service.

Is it legal to look at someone’s Instagram direct messages? 

The legality of looking at someone’s Instagram direct messages depends on the intention. For instance, it’s okay for a parent to look into their child’s direct messages to protect them from criminals. However, spying on employees by checking their direct messages without their consent is illegal.

Can I find out if somebody is spying on my Instagram profile?

No. Currently, Instagram doesn’t have a feature that you can use to know who is spying on your profile.

Can I read someone’s Instagram messages secretly? 

Yes. You can read someone’s Instagram messages secretly using a spy application. Instagram spying apps work without the target person knowing.

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