The Risks of Using BiPAP Machines to Treat Sleep Apnea

The Risks of Using BiPAP Machines to Treat Sleep Apnea

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  • August 17, 2022
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Some people consider sleep apnea a common problem as it happens when a person snores loudly or may feel tired after a good sleep. However, that is what they think is wrong with it.

Sleep apnea is a serious problem; if one is diagnosed with it, one should go for treatment immediately. There are different types of sleep apnea, and every type has a unique cause. Therefore, one should see a doctor as soon as they think they have it.

On the other hand, many people try to use BiPAP machines, thinking it will treat sleep apnea. For some, it may bring peace, but it is not a permanent solution.

There are many risks involved in using BiPAP machines to treat sleep apnea. Due to some reasons, some brands even issued a notice of recalling their machines. For example, there was a Philips Respironics BiPAP recall.

Risk of Using BiPAP Machines For Sleep Apnea

BiPAP machines may not work the same for everyone. It may benefit some, but for some, it may create problems. Here are some risks involved in using BiPAP machines throughout the night.

1. Bloated Stomach

The airway pressure provided by the machine may cause stomach bloating. In addition, there is a difference between natural breathing and artificial breathing support. Therefore, for such reasons, some may feel their stomach bloated after using the BiPAP machine.

2. Skin Damage

The BiPAP mask is very different from a normal oxygen mask that you may have at least worn once in an ER. The BiPAP machine mask covers your entire face, from forehead to chin.

Also, the mask is fitted very tightly and could easily damage your skin. If not any other skin, it can leave marks and lines on your skin. That would be the last thing you would want.

3. Watery Eyes or Irritation Caused

Since the mask covers your entire face, there is no way you can feel any wind touching your eyes. All the air is blown into the mask by the BiPAP machine. If you keep your eyes open for a long time, it may cause them to create water.

And with a mask covering your eyes, it will be difficult for you to clean them.

4. Damaged BiPAP Machines Can Cause Many Problems

If your BiPAP machine is even slightly damaged internally, broken rubber pieces or other elements could create severe problems. You wouldn’t even know, and those elements will be in your airway.

If the pieces are big, that is a very serious threat and shouldn’t happen at any cost. This is one of the reasons why the company issued the Philips Respironics BiPAP recall.

However, the company later fixed it and introduced new alternatives for their customers to sleep peacefully using their BiPAP machines.

Final Words

Here are some major risks of using BiPAP machines for sleep apnea. It is important to understand every risk. If you think it is unsuitable for you, it would be best to consult your doctor.

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