Mac Not Turning On: How to Troubleshoot a Dead Desktop, Mac.

Mac Not Turning On: How to Troubleshoot a Dead Desktop, Mac.

There are many reasons why your Mac isn’t turning on. Apple Mac laptops are powerful and progressive machines, but they face hardware issues. Nothing can be more dreadful than finding your Mac dead or being stuck with a black screen. While Apple’s products excel in providing top-notch performance, it has a history of persistent issues. One such issue is Mac not turning on.

In this article, you will read why Mac is not turning on and how you can notice the symptoms of Mac issues.

How To Find Out What’s Inaccurate With Your Mac?

Sometimes it is not possible to find out the issue with Mac being unresponsive, so you will probably have to run through several steps to diagnose what is the problem.

Note the Errors Displayed

If you witness errors on the Mac screen, write them down or take a screenshot or picture. You can do a quick search in Google to see if anyone else has the same error and if they can be fixed.

Review Software

Check whether you are operating the most recent Mac operating system. If not, you must update the software. There’s a chance that you can fix your Mac issue through this.

Start Your Computer in Safe Mode

You may also be able to analyze issues with your Mac if you start in Safe Mode. When you start up in Safe Mode, your Mac will not burden startup items and some software. The mode also serves as a check of your startup disk, so it should be able to warn you of problems.

Review Activity Monitor

Click on memory to check if there is hogging memory. Then click CPU to see if something is dominating the CPU. Look in more detail at memory hog problems and how to fix them with an activity monitor.

If you want to fix the issues with your Mac, you can visit Friss’s laptop and computer repairing center in Mumbai. They are specialized in Apple product repairs.

Let us know how to fix the problem of the Mac not turning on.

Ways to Fix Mac Situations

Inspect Your Power Connection

Check that the power is turned on and the Mac is plugged-in correctly. Also, check that the battery isn’t dead. Try a different power cable or adapter. The issue can also be in the power cable.

If you lately had a power cut, that could be responsible. The power adaptor could have been damaged in an electricity wave, and you may need a new one.

The cable may be lax, and pulling it out and plugging it in again will crack the problem.

Display Issue

If your Mac has an outward display, confirm that the display also has power. Make sure the display cables are attached securely. If there are any input switches or other peripherals between your display and your Mac, try avoiding them and attaching your display directly to your Mac.

If possible, it is recommendable to try another display and other cables.

Double-Check Hardware Cords

Loose hardware cables could be a wrongdoer for your Mac not turning on. Guarantee that cables connected to your Mac and any external displays are secure.

Also, check the cables for indications of wear and tear. If they show signs, the issue could be the cables and may need substituting.

Reset SMC

Resetting the System Management Controller can fix issues related to battery, power, fan, etc. So, if you are still unable to turn on your Mac, we would be inclined to give this solution a try.

Plugin the power cable and then press the Shift + Ctrl + Alt keys and the power button together and hold them for 10-12 seconds. Then, release all the keys and then press the power button to try and restart your Mac. It can resolve the issue.


Non-volatile Random-Access Memory and Parameter RAM are the areas in the device that store data such as volume settings, startup disk selection, and screen resolution. Resetting them resolves several minor issues which can prevent your device from starting up.

Hold Alt + P + R keys at once and turn on the device. Make sure to hold down the keys until Mac restarts again. Later, free the keys at once. It may solve the problem.

Back Up The Data

You might need to reinstall your Mac operating system. Of course, you do not want to lose any of your data while doing a clean macOS installation. Remember to back up your vital files to an external device.

Sometimes you might not have all the instruments to repair your Mac. You can get professional help at Friss computer and laptop repairing center, Mumbai. They can help you diagnose your dead desktop, Mac. They are experienced in Apple product repairing, even at your doorstep. Follow the steps and make your device healthy again.

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