How Period Pants Help You Do Regularly Activities

How Period Pants Help You Do Regularly Activities

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  • August 9, 2022
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Many women dread getting their period. It’s not just the cramps, the bloating, and the fatigue. There is also the discomfort and messiness of dealing with pads or tampons. These items are also expensive and not necessarily healthy since they are typically bleached.

They are also not biodegradable, so they are not great for the environment.

While there are several alternatives to pads and tampons, the most convenient might be period pants.

What are Period Pants?

Period pants are underwear that allow you to bleed freely. You don’t need a pad, a tampon, or even a menstrual cup. Just put on your period pants the same way you’d put on any organic cotton women’s underwear. There is no extra bulk and no strings or wings.

They are made of layers of super-absorbent materials. These are hidden in the underwear’s gusset. That ensures your period pants are non-bulky and leak-free. The inner layers absorb blood while the outer layers wick away moisture. You will feel both secure and dry. Because the material used is breathable, there is less risk of infection or odor.

Not only are period pants comfortable and effective, they are also reusable. This makes them better for the environment and better for your budget.

How Long Will They Last?

They can last for several years as long as you take proper care of them. Many brands are made with environmentally friendly materials. One pair of period pants is as functional as 200 single-use tampons.

Your menstrual flow determines how long you can wear period pants. If your flow is relatively light then they can last up to 12 hours, so you can wear one pair for most of the day and then change before getting ready for bed. A heavier flow means you’ll have to change more often.

Why Period Pants are Great for an Active Lifestyle

Because period pants are comfortable and non-bulky, you can wear them with shorts, yoga pants, and other athletic wear. There are even period pants for swimming!

Made by WUKA, these comfortable bikini bottoms are great for light flow days. You can wear them with a bikini top or under a bathing suit. There is also a swimsuit which you can wear on days when you have heavier flow.

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass, and their products are designed to allow you to do just that. They fit in with your active lifestyle. In addition to swimwear, you can get boxers, hipsters, thongs, and high-waist panties.

Caring for Period Pants

It’s easy to care for your period underwear. First, make sure to rinse in warm water when you take them off and hang to dry. When it’s time to do your laundry, they can be washed with other dark clothing in your washing machine. To prolong their life, avoid fabric softener and consider using a mesh bag.

You can also wash your underwear by hand. Then hang them up to dry. Make sure not to iron.

If you care for your period pants properly, they will last for several years. Because they are so comfortable, you will never want to go back to pads or tampons!

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