High Protein Vegetarian Meals You Can Have at a Restaurant

High Protein Vegetarian Meals You Can Have at a Restaurant

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  • September 19, 2022
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Vegetarians and vegans often have trouble finding good protein options when eating out. And while eating a complete meal at home is easier, it’s always nice to get out of the house and experience different foods. So if you’re wondering what vegetarian dishes you can find on menus at your favourite restaurants, here are my favorites:

Spiced chickpeas with tahini, avocado, and poached egg

This dish is all about balance and contrast. Chickpeas, a good source of protein, pair well with the creamy tahini and avocado. Combining these three ingredients will fill you up without weighing you down or adding unnecessary calories to your plate.

Fresh herbs, like parsley or dill, can be added as a garnish to add a pop of colour and flavour to this bowl!

Egg White Omelette

If you’re looking for something light and healthy, egg white omelettes are a great option. They’re easy to make and can be filled with anything from vegetables to meat. Plus, they’re low-fat!

You can even use an egg white omelette as an excuse to get rid of any leftovers in your fridge. If you have leftover vegetables or meat from dinner the night before, add it into your omelette for a new take on your old meal. You don’t even need much cheese—a sprinkle over each side is enough!

Egg white omelettes are also an excellent way to mix up your breakfast routine if you’re tired of eating eggs every morning. Try making them at home before work so that when you come home late in the evening (or morning), they’ll be ready for you when hunger hits again!

Grilled tofu salad bowl

This dish is a vegetarian version of the classic chicken Caesar salad.

  • First, order the tofu bowl and ask for it to be prepared with tahini dressing. Tahini dressing is an oil-based sauce made from ground sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic and other spices blended together until smooth (and sometimes with olive oil). The result is a deliciously creamy and salty sauce sweetened with honey or apple cider vinegar!

ChefOnline says, ” It is likely to crave a hefty Indian dinner after a long day when cooking dinner sounds like worse than serving time in prison.” So, for a change, you can try some vegetarian, healthy, high-protein meals at an Indian restaurant. Some recommended dishes are Sarson ka saag, Rajma Chawal, Chole Chawal, Baingan bharta and plenty more.

Roasted eggplant power salad with red lentils

The eggplant is a good source of protein, fibre, B vitamins and vitamin C. It’s low in fat and carbs. The red lentils provide high amounts of protein and fibre—good for you! The red lentils are also low in fat.

Mushroom Mushroom Burger

A mushroom burger is a simple and delicious way to get in high-protein vegetables. A single serving of mushrooms has about 8g of protein, which is about 50% of your daily recommended intake for plant-based protein. To make a mushroom burger, you’ll need:

  • 2 large portobello mushrooms, washed and dried well
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or avocado oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt or sea salt

You can try making one at home or order it from a restaurant near you.

There are plenty of restaurants that will offer vegetarian protein options.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you may have noticed that some restaurants are improving at providing vegetarian protein options in the UK. For example, you can search for “vegetarian takeaway near meand get a list of great restaurants serving vegetarian food.

There are plenty of restaurants that will offer vegetarian protein options. Tell them what you need, and they’ll customise your meals according to your requirements.

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