College Dorm Parties In The U.S. And Germany

College Dorm Parties In The U.S. And Germany

The stereotype of a college dorm party varies greatly among students from different countries. The student parties in the US are legendary, whereas those in Germany are just… decent.

When you are a student, it is important to follow the applicable laws no matter where you are. Consequently, it is illegal in the United States to consume alcohol under the age of 21. In the context of this post, I will assume you have a legal right to drink.

It is my belief that happiness can only be truly experienced if it is shared, as well as if it is remembered. If you are looking for a place where you can drink until you faint on weekends, you should consider moving to the US (although I believe that happiness can only be shared). Since other people are always around to get loose with, you can enjoy yourself anywhere if that is the case.

There are five things I noticed at college dorm parties in Germany and the US.

1. Drinking Excessive Amounts Of Alcohol To The Point Of Going Black

In the United States, it’s a sign of a good party; in Germany, it’s a sign of a person without bounds. College parties in the United States are known for being extremely drunk. Germany sees vomiting after excessive alcohol consumption very negatively. You should therefore keep your consumption to a reasonable level if you plan on partying in Germany.

2. Intoxication At Social Gatherings

When we say social drinking, we’re talking about doing so in a civilized way and with a bit of restraint. Americans aren’t used to this kind of thing, especially when it comes to college parties. There will probably be a large amount of social drinking at student parties in Germany. There is no American who wants to be referred to as the American whose drinking is out of control.

3. Dancing

In the United States, it is legal to dance with anyone at a party (provided the other person does not expressly object). Only Germans dance together if they already know one another by name – and if they both agree.

4. Party Time

Partygoers usually start their night at 8pm and end it around midnight, at which point those who can still drive home go home, while others stay overnight (this will depend on where you live).  Take a taxi or a bus instead of driving drunk if you have even a little bit of alcohol in you. The risks are too high. Students usually start their parties at 10pm and stay until 5am – they have drinks at a friend’s house, then go to a bar, then to a club. There is no question that the public transportation system in Germany is safer than driving to and from parties.

5. House Parties

Everyone loves house parties, don’t they? We all have our own ideas about what an ideal party would be like. This is true in the U.S. as well as in Germany. Don’t just throw one big party where people throw lawn chairs off a 10th-floor balcony. Have lots of cool parties. Join a group of people who share your views, have fun, stay safe, and avoid Project X.

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